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Granite City Food & Brewery      Edit
  2288   -   100  
701-293-3000   1636 42nd St S  Fargo, ND
Granite City Food & Brewery® is a casual dining restaurant with an on-site brewery. We offer a broad menu of items that are prepared fresh daily & are served in generous portions at reasonable prices. Our handcrafted beers are  . . .  [more]
  • 5 Customer Reviews
    Average Rating:     

     Yahoo User - Mon Mar 14, 2011 via Yahoo
    "Average. as a coinsure of dining in fargo i cannot say that this place impressed me at all. the ambiance is far too open and archaic. it does not give me the invitation to make myself welcome. the drink???s too are average and not always prepared as they should. the menu is also a bit deceiving what is written on the menu and what is prepared are normally two different things."

     Tristan C. - Mon Mar 14, 2011 via Yelp
    "On my way to a movie one late thursday night my gf suddenly crave for food. considering that this restaurant is the closest to the cinema we decided to stop..."

     Paul L. - Mon Mar 14, 2011 via Yelp
    "Monday night, 25 cent wing night + good beers = good times."

     ThatoneGirl W. - Mon Mar 14, 2011 via Yelp
    "The portions are bound to make you gain a few lbs if you dare to eat all in one sitting. if you did.... you might be a husky timberlogger! take it easy..."

     Yahoo User - Wed Apr 13, 2011 via Yahoo
    "Went there on a busy saturday night. my friend had to get there atleast 20minutes before me to get a reservation. the table was ready just as i walked in through the doorlong story short a 20 minute wait was not too bad. the waitress was nice however she kept forgetting that my friend had ordered water eveytime he asked for it. otherwise the food was goodservice was goodambience is ok.granite is a good place but doesnt quite qualify for an excellent review from me."

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  • Hours
    Monday - Saturday: 11:00am to 1:00am
    Sunday: 10:00am to 10:00pm

Bison Turf      Edit
  954   -   100  
701-235-9118   1211 University Dr N  Fargo, ND
Restaurant & Pub located in North Fargo. Full Service Bar; Off-sale Beer & liquor.

O'Kelly's      Edit
  894   -   100  
701-277-1880   3800 Main Ave  Fargo, ND
Located on Main and I-29, OKellys has been a great neighborhood bar and grill since 1985. Make sure to try the mouth watering Lahvosh or walleye fingers and the broasted chicken and burgers. O`Kelly`s has live entertainment every  . . .  [more]
  • 2 Customer Reviews
    Average Rating:     

     Yahoo User - Tue Mar 15, 2011 via Yahoo
    "The food here is very good. the irish stew is a must to taste. the food is reasonably priced the portions are huge. drinks are prepared very well. good pub atmosphere."

     Yahoo User - Mon Apr 4, 2011 via Yahoo
    "The food here is very good. the irish stew is a must to taste. the food is reasonably priced the portions are huge. drinks are prepared very well. good pub atmosphere."

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  • Hours
    Open Daily Monday - Friday at 11am Sunday at 3pm

Labby's Grill & Bar      Edit
  784   -   100  
701-478-5227   1100 19th Ave N  Fargo, ND
Pull Tabs, Black Jack, Shuffle Board, Darts, Pool Wireless Internet, 100 inch Big Screen TV! Labby’s features a family atmosphere by day and a sports theme by night. To promote the sports theme, the business has four  . . .  [more]

Miller's Hideout      Edit
  384   -   100  
701-281-0013   217 Chapin Dr.   Harwood, ND
Appetizers/Burgers served all day. Super Bose Sound System. Karaoke on Saturday nights. Smoking Allowed.

Teamsters Bar      Edit
  346   -   100  
701-293-9620   21 18th St S  Fargo, ND
"Ask about our Free hall rental for your event!" Bingo M-T-W-F, Pull Tabs, Monday - Friday daily lunch specials 11:00am to 1:00pm, PUBLIC WELCOME!

The Box      Edit
  295   -   100  
701-492-7489   1025 38th St SW  Fargo, ND
The Box is located in the Select Inn of Fargo. Newly remodeled and expanded, The Box is known for its fun, relaxing, and friendly atmosphere. 2 Pool Tables, Darts, Touch Screen Video Game, Digital Jukebox, 2 Blackjack  . . .  [more]
  • No Customer Reviews
    This company has not yet been reviewed.

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  • Hours
    Sunday - Saturday:
    4:30pm to 2:00am

Sports Bar      Edit
  266   -   100  
701-293-2085   619 NP Ave  Fargo, ND
Located in the heart of Downtown Fargo Sports Bar is a great spot to sit with some friends have one or two of their famous energy shots (Chuck Norris, Richard Simmons, jag bomb) and enjoy the night. Sports Bar has something for  . . .  [more]
  • 3 Customer Reviews
    Average Rating:     

     Dylan G. - Fri Apr 15, 2011 via Yelp
    "Great venue run by nice people. my only complaint was being rushed out the door as i was trying to pack gear up while the staff got the venue ready for a..."

     Daniel R. - Fri Apr 15, 2011 via Yelp
    "Well you must not have been there on a busy weekend. it can get uncomfortably packed! the hub is a great place to go to if you're in the mood to watch a..."

     Tristan C. - Fri Apr 15, 2011 via Yelp
    "I stopped by this club last saturday. to my surprise, the place is very large! it got 4 or 5 places in one, so its quite fun, they have the xvenue which is..."

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Holiday Inn Casino      Edit
  180   -   100  
701-282-3905   3803 13th Ave SW  Fargo, ND
Spirits Lounge and Casino, located inside the Holiday Inn of Fargo offers a fantastic environment for the business traveler or the casual traveler. Come into our lounge and partake of your favorite beverage and enjoy our fantastic  . . .  [more]
  • 1 Customer Review
    Average Rating:     

     Yahoo User - Mon Mar 21, 2011 via Yahoo
    "I refuse to rate a hotel that is not willing to take responsibility for its mistakes. we stayed at your establishment 7/31/08 thru 8/2/08and after hotel staff at the desk were told 4 times not to charge my debit card as my daughter would be there the next day to pay on her credit card they charged it anyway. as a result i ended up being $1200 in arrears at the bank was not able to spend any money for over 2 weeks and given excuse upon excuse as to why you establishment should not cover the fees at the bank. they did finally replace the $653 and some odd cents into my account but until major damage was done. my checks bounced including my car payment and now i am in danger of losing my car. the fees totaled the cost of my car payment almost $507. spoke with manager mike then his boss doug who said this was an honest mistake and they refuse to cover the fees. i told doug that no one is saying this was not an honest mistake. he irritated me so badly with his excuses i finally had to tell him i could not talk with him anymore and had to hang up. he treated my significant other with disrespect saying he could not talk with her as my name is on the card used. she too has a card and her n"

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HoDo Lounge      Edit
  142   -   100  
701-478-6969   888-478-8768  101 Broadway  Fargo, ND
Whether complementing a meal or a conversation with friends, the right libation can make any evening more memorable. At the Hotel Donaldson, we feature an extensive collection of hand-selected wines, scotches and cordials from  . . .  [more]

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